gift for the bird


I find a lot of stuffs on the street.

Boswellian angel


Boswell found an angel on the ground. I seek them now. So far I have found three. This is the third. I used to dream of swimming in the water. Angels were trapped at the bottom. Then I dreamed I pulled one from the dirt. Last night I dreamed I climbed into a subterranean room & took two up to the surface.



This is inspired by a trip to a graveyard where my sister showed me my great grandmother’s burial place. It is inspired also by my recent looking at the old brickwork around me & wondering about the men who put them there.

tomorrow’s sorrow


This is a continuation of the depressive metaphysics of the last few weeks.

what is god?

IMAG4386.jpgI thought this 1 would be easy to answer. I thought the easy answer would be illuminating. Instead no light has been brought to the dweller of the pit.


1528372761980.jpgI had a dream about my granny in her blue spotty dress. It made me think of her strong & spirited in her house. She didn’t worry about the world- she kept people full-up. She didn’t complain- there wasn’t time. She went outside only w/the washing.