advice for the doomed



the hawk

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angels in static


ambivalent angels

on his way to hell the creature glances at the dancer.DSC04562

album art by moi.

12910057_182580435459247_441655344_n.jpgwhen the good people at destroyed by bat asked me for some artwork for their new album i said “you bet.” i had envisioned a more elaborate, even big budget, result, but once i started messing around w/the photocopier this is what happened. listen & enjoy=


IMAG7147.jpgi got a palette knife which is good fun.



i was in edinburgh last week & i saw a rembrandt self-portrait. i was bewildered by its brilliance.  as time has gone on i’ve been thinking about it more. i thought i’d have a go too. in the process i learned that i have always seen white skin as green but that i had never thought about it.