IMAG7147.jpgi got a palette knife which is good fun.




i was in edinburgh last week & i saw a rembrandt self-portrait. i was bewildered by its brilliance.  as time has gone on i’ve been thinking about it more. i thought i’d have a go too. in the process i learned that i have always seen white skin as green but that i had never thought about it.



oh terror!

IMAG7138.jpganother in a series of panoramic pencil drawing i’ve been up to.

SlimeMan in Peril.

IMAG7137.jpgthis is not  ideal.


IMAG7135.jpgi was writing away in my diary when i heard someone talking about gloves. as i am more interested in drawing than writing i drew these gloves. i liked how they turned out so i messed about with them in my friend the photocopier!


IMAG7134.jpg when my good friends required some artwork for their lo-fi electro ep i could think of no better cover star than..